Technical Support

Technical Support


On-Site Support
A team of application engineers at your service

Did you know that in certain machining operations, tools are not "used" properly? Our team of application engineers is at the customer's disposal in precisely those cases, where tools are not performing to their potential. With the coaching and advice of our engineers, you will see how CAD/CAM designers and machine operators interact with our products to take them to levels far beyond your expectations.


Time and methods studies
Sampling and practical feedback

Sometimes it happens that the preliminary and theoretical studies carried out on the computer, the strategies and the tool-path, do not find empirical feedback in reality when the part is produced on the machine. Thanks to the availability of dedicated CNC machines in our factory, we are able to carry out machining sampling and compare theoretical studies with practical results.


Technical Seminars
to learn about and maximise the performance of our products

Innovation comes from shared knowledge. We study, we research, but above all we involve and listen to our customers. We organise technical seminars in which our customers participate. We show data and results of our research on new cutting techniques, customers give us their feedback on tools and valuable suggestions. Because it is from open and constructive discussion that the best innovations are born.

Our highly qualified technical support team is available to assist all our customers throughout the entire process of selecting and using our tools. We can help you select the most suitable tool for the machining operation you need to perform, suggest the right strategy and indicate the usage parameters to be adopted. As manufacturers, we know every characteristic and aspect of our tools. We place all our skills and knowledge at your disposal to help you manufacture your parts safely and with maximum productivity. If necessary, we develop and provide detailed feasibility studies, analyse machining cycles, and indicate the tool path we consider best. Optimising the use of tools often proves to be more complex than it seems! Together, we maximise the productivity of your machines, increase productivity and your profit on every part you produce!

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Italian Passion, Global Solutions

Italian Passion, Global Solutions