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Catalog 2020 – Solid Carbide tools – ITEM 1844603
Catalog 2022 – HSS tools – ITEM 1917549
Megatool Catalog


Brochure Coating 2022
Brochure Regrinding 2022

New Products Announcement

MegaALU – MegaALUPower – MegaALULFF

New Solutions Announcement

Machining on DST Ecospeed with MQL Coolant
MegaALUPower – MEVO – Mazak
MegaALUPower & MegaALULFF
Special Solution for Makino Mag3

Company Profiles

Company Profile


Brochure MegaTroco – ITEM 1845234
Brochure MegaChipSplitter
Brochure MegaInternalCoolant
Brochure MegaStub
Brochure MegaCore
Brochure MegaAerospace
Brochure Mega Alu – Mega Alu Power – Mega Alu LFF – ITEM 1861176
Brochure MegaReamer
Brochure MegaAlpha

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