PVD Coatings


PVD Coatings

  • Decisively reduce friction and wear
  • Enhance tool performance

UOP PVD coatings

are developed  in synergy with our sister company STS S.r.l., where Research and Development of innovative surface treatment solutions as well as investments in the most advanced equipment are on-going.


New HDP (High Density Plasma) deposition technology

It allows to realize highly compact layers, almost droplet-free and with higher levels of hardness than those obtained with the traditional PVD arc system, while maintaining elevated toughness.
Under certain application conditions the resulting barrier effect makes it possible to increase tool life and performance significantly.

HDP Coating with a Ti and Al based composition which combines remarkable mechanical resistance and elevated cutting edge stability.
Excellent results in the most demanding working conditions , with high cutting parameters and in the machining of hard to cut materials.

Taking into consideration the characteristics of the material to be machined, we propose the most suitable solution for each application.