Solid Carbide Tools


Represents an innovative tool design and construction idea, an out come of the most modern technology. Thus guaranteeing products of a reliability and chip removal performance level never reached before.
HPC Megatool concept tools reach their peak performance when machining stainless steel, HRSA alloys, materials that are extremely difficult to machine when the tool is working under extreme conditions.

End Mills Line

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All our Megatool end mills are coated Skin Power Plus

HDP Coating with a Ti and Al based composition which combines superb mechanical resistance and elevated cutting edge stability.
Excellent results in the most demanding working conditions, with high cutting parameters and in the machining of hard to cut materials.


Reaming applications:

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Ultrafine solid carbide line of end mills with technical and geometric characteristics suitable for High Speed Cutting on the most modern milling machines

HSC Top Class Line Highlights:

  • Double Action 851** Series – roughing and finishing operation with only one end mill
  • Heavy Duty 855**/857** Series – for high chip removal rate and good finishing. Optimal Results in slotting with trochoidal method
  • Torus 861** Series – High Productivity in semi-finishing and plunge milling operations
  • Shark 871** Series – multi-flute end mills for superfinishing
  • Shine 881** Series – multi-flute end mills for superfinishing
  • Micro Superior 892** Series – end mills for Die & Mould industry – great tool resistance and stability as well as high precision and durability in machining hardeded steels up to 65 HRC

Milling applications:

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Micrograin solid carbide line of excellent versatility suitable for a wide range of applications

  • Milling applications
  • Drilling applications
  • Reaming applications
  • Generic applications

Milling Applications:

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